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Keep The Fire Burning Black Tee

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What do you do when no one is rooting for you? What do you do when the only motivation is coming from yourself? Dig deep. The flame is in there somewhere, waiting to be ignited.
We are so easily discouraged by discomfort that we don’t even give ourselves to push through the struggle and see what’s on the other side.
“I don’t have any headphones”
“I’m out of preworkout, looks like I’m not going to the gym!”
“My workout partner cancelled. I should take a rest day.”
We come up with any excuse to avoid discomfort but we don’t realize how negatively that effects us. We are all creatures of habits. The more leisure we allow, the more we will continually take. Your body wants the easy route. It will beg and plead with your mind to take the paved trail instead of the uneven terrain. You have to choose to be extraordinary, you have to CHOOSE to go through the suck to reap the reward. You have to CHOOSE to be motivated.
We rely on the crutch of comfort all too often, as if it’s expected. What happens when comfort leaves you? It’s up to you to ignite your flame.
Keep The Fire Burning

A unisex 60/40 blend black t shirt with a red and white KEEP THE FIRE BURNING design, featuring a modern fit, crew neck and short sleeves.

Model is 5’11, 165lbs wearing a large.

Features: Side-seamed. Retail fit. Unisex sizing.

Fabrication: 60% poly, 40% Airlume combed and ring-spun cotton