About Us

Bears Den Athletics is a family and veteran owned brand that was developed to provide quality and affordability within the apparel industry. 


The symbology and spiritual interpretations of the apex omnivore make this animal a perfect fit for our brand’s mantra. Like the bear, we need to stand up for ourselves and not allow our vision to be skewed by a temporary perspective. The bear is fearless and confident, matching the spirit of our warriors in the military and law enforcement.


Bears were thought of as knowing creatures due to their ability to walk upright and have been regarded as symbols of wisdom and medicine throughout history. Our training programs and nutritional guides are developed by individuals who have experience in their field and seek to pass their knowledge in order to help another. We aim to offer variety as we believe there is strength to consuming information/nutrients from many sources (It must be the omnivore in us).


We are a collective who supports the healthy lifestyle that functional fitness provides for men and women. Our mission at Bears Den Athletics is to prepare those who intend to be like The Bear...those who intend to be a protector among their family and their land-we are A Dying Breed. To take on this role, we must be strong; mentally, physically and spiritually.