About Us

Bears Den is a veteran owned small business that found its inception in June 2019 following a business malpractice with Barrett’s original brand NFQ, a brand that was started with his previous business partner in 2016.

Devin was exploring Indonesia at the time and developing a network that would eventually open the door for unimagined opportunities.

Barrett had been traveling around the country hosting pool clinics to extend the knowledge and experience he retained during his time in the United States Air Force Special Tactics community as a Combat Controller.  He used this skill to raise enough money to afford the first batch of apparel, birthing Bears Den from an idea to a brand.

Barrett had experience in branding, marketing, designing, modeling and sourcing manufacturing so Devin moved back to San Diego in August 2019 where he self-learned photography, videography and graphic design making the team fully capable and self sufficient.

In November 2020, the brothers saved up enough money to move to Indonesia and file Bears Den as a foreign owned business which has granted them expansion with flexible manufacturing, furthered their global reach and allowed them to turn their dreams into a reality.

The symbology and spiritual interpretations of the apex omnivore make this animal a perfect fit for our brand’s mantra. Like the bear, we need to stand up for ourselves and not allow our vision to be skewed by a temporary perspective. The bear is fearless and confident, matching the spirit of our warriors in the military and law enforcement.

Bears were thought of as knowing creatures due to their ability to walk upright and have been regarded as figures of wisdom and strength throughout history. Our training programs and nutritional guides are developed to share valuable information we have learned that has changed our lives. We design our clothing in an effort to inspire and instill a mindset of perseverance within those who feel called to support us and be part of our community.

Welcome to The Den.