Bears Den Plant Based Cook Book: Volume 1

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We developed a plant based cook book to share some high quality meal ideas that have kept us sustained since transitioning from a “standard diet”. The benefits we are experiencing  has changed our outlook on life and how we integrate within our environment—if you’re looking for a more conscious approach to consuming, you’ve come to the right place.

Volume 1 is a culmination of many vegan friendly menu items that are oriented in elixir/smoothie/meal format with 20+ recipes that include instructions on how to create each menu item. The guide is available in PDF format via digital download link that will be sent to the email provided.

Sample Recipe:

Mediterannean Salad

To Create: wash garbanzo beans (soak and prepare your own if preferred), de-stem Italian parsley then dice tomatoes, avocados and onion.

2-3 handfuls Italian parsley

3 tomatoes

2 avocados

½ onion

Dressing: 1 lemon, 3 tbs olive oil, ½ tbs dijon mustard, ½ tbs black pepper, 2 tbs tahini or hummus. Blend ingredients together, then toss in a large mixing bowl