Hypertrophy Training Program: Volume 2

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This program provides a unique regimen of Hyperbuilding workouts that I continually do throughout my life in the gym—repetition dictates who we become. Hyperbuilding is a combined approach towards Hypertrophy and Powerlifting with a heavier emphasis on the Hypertrophy rep scheme. The routine is guaranteed to ignite your pumps and demand growth from targeted muscles. I personally enjoyed developing this program because of the volume and variety of exercises included, each workout feels like it brings me to the brink of exhaustion without overdoing it...and no workout is the same, each day you have something new to look forward to.

Suggested Equipment:

Standard gym with barbells, dumbbells, plates, cables and machines.

Example Workout:

4x12 Incline DB Chest Press

2x10 Incline DB Chest Press superset with Incline DD Champagne Press

4x8 Seated Unilateral Arnold Press

3x15 High Cable Flies superset with Medicine ball pushups

4x10 DB Lateral Raises

4x12 Flat Bench Reverse Grip DB Press

100 Diamond Pushups to cash out