Batik Short XS 6 Padang Hijau

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Each short is a unique piece that has been hand sewn by our Balinese seamstress with a Peaking Indo woven label, lycra gusset and elastic waistband—the batik design is one of a kind (rarely are there reoccurring patterns in the same size category) and we only produce small batches during each quarter of the year. We are shipping these products directly from Bali ourselves and for that reason we do not have the ability to accept returns, each sale is final.

Note: BE SURE TO ADD YOUR SHIPPING DETAILS IN THE NOTE SECTION AT CHECKOUT! The cost of shipping is included in the listed price. Each garment may be slightly different in size because each piece is cut/sewn individually, this is not an automated process.


Prices may vary due to the rareness of the Batik material used for the short; we personally go to markets and source the fabric, some of the pieces have rare designs that are literally the only one ever made/seen. Each sale also comes with a  incense and Peaking Indo sticker—nikmati!

Kids size dimensions:

Waist: 14 inches

Inseam: 5 inches

Outer Seam: 14 inches