Peaking Indo 4pc Sticker Pack

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2 of each stickers (4 total), PRICE INCLUDES shipping from Bali. PLEASE INCLUDE SHIPPING INFORMATION/PHONE NUMBER. No returns.

The first piece was created in collaboration with a Balinese artist. It is a splitting A-frame wave with the rising Logos(Sun) giving life to all its creation. The whole image encompasses Peaking Indo; Mankind is peaking in consciousness while an A-frame wave is also called a peak in surfing lingo. The Sun is the ever watching eye of God that creates and maintains all that IS. The temple is a pure embodiment of YOU. You are the temple and everything is already inside of you...nothing external is needed except the sun, air and water. All the elements combined is everything and this is the meaining of our logo which is also the Merkaba-a two dimensional representation of what the Creation is in geometric form. 

The second piece is customized art of an intergalactic monk surfer who rides on the full spectrum of visible light generated from a beam of Love/Light frequency.  He wanders from star system to star system in search of resonant energy fields that allow him to dance synchronistically with the vibratory complexes he encounters, furthering experience for himself and the social memory complex he is apart of- an armada of Rainbow Warriors with the mission of spreading Light/Love to all parts of our Universe.