Elite Athlete Program

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Written by Barrett McCulloch

The Elite Athlete Program is the third and final program out of the Tactical Athlete Series of training guides; this program is meant for athlete's who are exceptionally fit and/or currently operating within SOF.

This program is 8 weeks long and is developed by a former USAF CCT for those who are interested in SOF career fields but are unsure of the rigors associated with the pipeline. The guide is an excellent tool for showing you how you should be training for peak performance includes a blend of rucking, running, weight lifting and calisthenics.  Make yourself better, more efficient, stronger and have the ability to endure when others cannot.

Intended for hopefuls seeking a career within First Responder/Military Special Operations pipelines with water stress.

Suggested Gear:
-Hiking boots or mil issued
-Ruck sack 
-Standard gym

Water portion:
-Mask (aqualung high volume)
-Snorkel (basic, no purge valve)
-Booties (mares)
-Jet fins (scuba pro jet fins)