Bears Den Cooking Guide

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The physical investment you put in the gym is meaningless without substantial nutrition and recovery. A boring diet is the most common subconscious excuse we give ourselves for going off course in regards to nutrition, which can hinder our progression if we stray too far.
We developed a digital cook book that is meant to arm those who wield it in the war against bland sustenance. Volume 1 is a culmination of many recipes that are oriented in breakfast/lunch/dinner with a snack/small meal category. 20+ recipes with full instructions are available in PDF format via digital download link that will be sent to the email provided.

Sample Recipe:

Jack Fruit Cabbage Wrap
1 avocado
1 cabbage
1 green bell pepper
1 red bell pepper
1 lime
1 onion
1 jalapeno
1 red chili pepper
1/2 habanero
1 Tex-mex jackfruit package from The Jackfruit Company
Ponzu Sauce

  • Chop bell peppers, jalapeños, onions, cabbage and add to separate bowls.
  • Heat pan with ghee, add onion and spicy peppers. Add ponzu and stir.
  • Add bell peppers and a little more ponzu.
  • Cook jackfruit in separate pan while gathering cabbage leaves in bowl shapes and fill with cooked veggies.
  • Slice then top avocado on cabbage wraps, serve with 1/4 lime.