Truntum Batik Retro Shorts

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Batik retro shorts are a sure way to add some uniqueness to your gym short quiver. We printed the gajah truntum pattern from Peaking Indo onto our premium polyester retro platform, added some gold drawstrings and finished the piece with a bronze bear shield embroidery. The garment is even lighter than our solid colored retro shorts due to the printing process, they feel soft like silk and are great for lounging as well.

Suggested sizing guide:

Small: waist 26-32”, length 16”, inseam 5.5”

Medium: waist 30-36”, length 16.5”, inseam 6”

Large: waist 34-40”, length 17”, inseam 6.5”

XL: waist 38-44”, length 17.5”, inseam 7”

XXL: waist 42-48", length 18", inseam 7.5"


Fabrication: 100% mesh polyester

Wash like normal and avoid drying in high temperatures to preserve garment longevity; tumble dry on low heat or air dry if able.