Teratai Suci Overalls

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This one of a kind piece was crafted entirely by hand—the selection of denim, strap fasteners, button hooks, color dying, batik process, then finally cut and sewn into functional but high fashion garment. We selected the sacred lotus (teretai suci) stamp and our dodecahedron logo to be infused together by our batik stamp master to create a truly unique piece. The overalls include two strap fasteners, two button hooks, chest pocket with coconut button closure, belt loops, and two front pockets made with half denim/half mesh. 

The world is yours...always has been. 


This product will fit a small/medium to medium/large sized individual.

Wash Instructions

We suggest to refrain from machine washing to increase garment longevity. It’s best to hand wash with cold water and use natural detergent, hang dry in the shade to preserve color.