Teratai Jepun Jumper Set XXL/XL

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This two piece jumper is made from very light cotton and lined with a silk-like material. It’s stamped with with a lotus and jepun flower block stamp as well as our dodecahedron logo stamp and then hand painted to fill in with color. The top is an anorak and is labeled as a XXL although It fits more closely to an XL but not quite an XL. The bottom is labeled as an XL which is accurate. These pieces are very light and breathable and ideal for sun protection in hotter climates.



-Hood with a drawstring

-coconut button neck closure

-1 front pouch secured with coconut button 

-split side seam for easier ditching and donning


-elastic waistband with a drawstring and belt loops

-2 front pockets

-1 side seam stash pocket