Bunga Archipelago XL

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Made from cotton baby canvas, this one of a kind smock is durable and fashionable, making it useful in an array of settings.  It can be comfortably used as a pullover in casual settings, a pump cover in the gym, a smock on the paintball field or even a top layer for dirt biking and mountain biking. It is batiked with a traditional flower stamp and infused with our dodecahedron. Life is too short to live without style, this garment is sure to add flare to your wardrobe.



It is labeled as XXL but fits more closely to an XL or Large.

Length: 29"

Chest: 24.5"

Sleeve: 28.5"

Yoke: 22"

Wash Instructions

We suggest to refrain from machine washing to increase garment longevity. It’s best to hand wash with cold water and use natural detergent, hang dry in the shade to preserve color.