Building Blocks of Fitness by Sarah Barnard

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Hi there! My name is Sarah Barnard, I am currently a certified personal trainer through American Council on Exercise. Back in 2018, I found my passion when I started my fitness journey including weight training and the correct diet. I have always had a strong passion with helping others and now I finally have that opportunity to guide you in that life changing path!

This 4 week program is designed to help you take that first step and develop the beginning base to your own fitness journey starting with body weight and gradually progressing to light weight dumbbells. Enjoy!

Example Workout:

Lower Body:
-4x10-12 Band body weight squats 
-3x10-12 Band hip thrusters 
-3x12 Band kick back 
-3x12 Step ups  (each leg)
-3x10-12 Cycle crunches  (each side)
-3x12 Leg raises 
-3x60sec Plank