Greatness On The Horizon

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Greatness On The Horizon

Many are tired of the lack in detail of today’s modern world, the human psyche desires depth and thirsts for stimulation of our expression. The clothes with which we adorn our human vessel say more about us than words ever could. Short, vivid, dramatic images on our street wear and clothing serve to illustrate the magnanimity of our character and showcase our personalities. What we wear is a representation of ourselves and our intention. For many, this is their statement of self.

With over 14 billion items of clothing being produced in the United States alone, multiplied by the amount of people in this country, there are now 70,000 clothing brands each year in the US alone. There are brands that are geared to young creatives and brands that cater to the older generation. There are brands such as Abercrombie & Fitch, Gucci and Calvin Klein that have attained similar notoriety worldwide, known for its young and affluent clientele. This widespread brand recognition has made these companies recognizable to most—a modern day status symbol. It is this trend that has created an interesting situation, even more so for brands who find themselves in a saturated niche, I.e. the veteran entrepreneur community.

This past year, we have made great strides in sourcing and manufacturing ‘Wearable Art’ which has attracted the eye of many. With a focus on the uniqueness of each piece paired with an affinity for environmental sustainability, Peaking Indo has set itself apart with our ability to personalize garments for the individual. We aim to create a community of connoisseurs who enjoy wearing clothing that is as unique as each person they belong to.

We have many new pieces in the works and hope you give them a fair glance. If you decide to purchase, you will be welcomed into a community of fellow aficionados with impeccable taste for garments that wield unmatched style.

With Love and Gratitude,
Peaking Indo