Batik Chino Pants/Shorts- Custom Order Only

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These Chinos are able to be made into pants or shorts and are unlike anything that is available anywhere. We hand pick each Batik sarong that is designed to match the color of the Chino fabric you choose or we offer the option for you to choose the color which makes this custom item one of a kind. If wanted, we will make a Headband/Headwrap (a small extra charge) to match your garment and add flare to your wardrobe. Headbands are a piece of clothing that can be applied anywhere, open your mind and the answers will come. It takes around 1-2 weeks to complete an order then shipping takes roughly 2 weeks. Price includes shipping. We send these garments from Bali, Indonesia so please be patient; we can provide tracking upon request. If you would like to order, please DM us @Peakingindo on IG and we will ask for your measurements: Waist, length measured from the hip to the ankle, thigh circumference and calve circumference at the widest part. 

Suksma ("Thank you" in Balinese)