4 Weeks of Strength and Physique by Devon Castillo

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What is up my fellow douchebags, my name is Devon Castillo and I’m an Air Force Special Operations Veteran, currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in kinesiology with a concentration in human and health performance. I am from Rancho Cucamonga, California. I played several sports growing up, but only soccer competitively. I started seriously lifting about 2 years ago, I watched a ton of youtube videos and perused the internet for all the answers I needed to get "swole". After surrounding myself with others with the same overwhelming desire to transform their bodies, I encountered many training styles and plug and played with what worked for me. I came to the conclusion that emphasizing strength gains as well as overall volume/frequency was ideal. I composed a 4 week program, that can be ran back to back consecutively, that helped me push through plateaus and switch things up, I believe lifters of any tier can benefit from. So let's get after it, let's BUILDBETTERHUMANS.